Certified Credit Consultant Training and Business Opportunity
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 If you are honest, have a passion to help others and want to make a great income, then this just might be your new career:


·        Make $150/hr providing consulting services or over $500/hr credit repair services

·        Make $500 to over $1,000/hr providing Debt Settlement services

·        Educate and help people to improve their credit and get out of debt

·        Work less time, make more money than you currently do

·        Respectable, rewarding and honorable career as a trained Credit Expert

·        No college or previous experience required


We now have 4 options for you to become

a Certified Credit Consultant

1.  Attend our In-Person Extensive Training for 3 days

2.  Online Training that includes Training Manuals and Materials

3. Fast Track Program™ - Start for $500 and Purchase just Training Manuals and Materials

4.  Or we will come to you if 3 or more people attend Training


 Also for continued support and help with your business, you can choose to sign up for one of our support packages starting at just $125/month.  This will give you the continued support that you need to run a successful consulting business without doing it alone.  Our training and ongoing support will give you the credibility, knowledge and expertise so you can rise above the fly-by-night companies out there that only do just credit repair.        


What you need to become a licensed Certified Credit Consultant™ - The proper and legal training from Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training Program, CD full of documents/forms/templates, our easy to use software SimpleDocc to make your paperwork a breeze which eliminates the need to 'outsource' your paperwork, our continued support program, simple certification test, computer or laptop, printer, phone, few office supplies and  an extreme passion to help educate consumers to have better credit and experience financial freedom!  If this is something you feel you would be great at, just click on the tab right below to request more information, or you can call our President and Creator of the program, Valeri James to speak with her directly at 1-888-303-7722 or read on for further information. 


2015 Training Dates

January 23-25, 2015

February 20-22, 2015 

March 27-29, 2015

April 24-26, 2015

May 15-17, 2015

June 26-27, 2015 

July 24-25, 2015

August 21-25, 2015 

September 25-26, 2015

October 23-24, 2015

November 20-21, 2015      

December 11-12, 2015

Don't see a date here to fit your schedule?  Call us as we will have additional trainings that are not posted on the website



Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training, Inc. trains passionate people to become Certified Credit Consultants™ so they can improve people's lives that have credit, debt and financial problems!  We train honest, hard working people who love to help others while creating a highly successful and profitable business for themselves.

As a full service credit consulting business, a Certified Credit Consultant™ will be able to offer a variety of products and services.  Some of the great services you can offer after  attending the training are: credit education, credit & debt consulting, establishing credit, credit repair, and understand their legal options if they are in debt.  

The Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training Program was designed to train people to be able to assist others in providing a simple, easy, and convenient way to provide credit education, credit & debt consulting, credit repair and debt settlement services.


Why choose Simple Solutions' Training:

·        Our comprehensive training will equip you with the right tools and knowledge to build and support a local or national customer base. Our experienced training team teaches you to follow all State and Federal laws that you must know when helping your clients with credit repair, credit consulting and credit and financial education. 

·        We will train you in setting up your business entity that is suitable for you as a Certified Credit Consultant™.

·        Our trained and experienced legal department have created the forms, documents and software to expedite the process and maintain all the back-end network administration so you can focus on more important things, like marketing and building your customer base.

·        Our marketing and web development programs lead you to successful marketing strategies, capturing clients from all over the US through the internet, phone and one-to-one contact through other media streams.

·        At the conclusion of your training you will have the option of continuing our support through different support package options. These packages will give you further personal consulting with our team, a variety of potential referral leads, numerous client leads, Simple Solutions' Consultant Network Newsletter, a personalized website, domain, and use of our newly updated proprietary credit repair software SimpleDocc™. 

·        With our extensive expertise and 28 years of experience, we know exactly what works and what doesn't.  With other companies they are still trying to figure it out and some even try to copy us.


Why  our  Training  Program is  the  best:


First and foremost, Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training, Inc's Master Trainer, Valeri A. James, was the creator and inventor of the first training program for people who wanted to be Credit Consultants in the United States.  With Ms. James' 28 years of experience, she developed the first proprietary credit repair software called "SimpleDocc™" which connects each supported consultants to completely automate the necessary steps needed to do a successful job in their credit consulting business.   From teaching you the necessary state and federal laws, how to read credit reports, how to market your business, how to consult with your clients, how to determine what services they need, what documents to use and when, and even how to set up your business entity, we are there for you every step of the way!

Simple Solutions provides extensive training and materials that is imperative to know in order for you to properly take care of your clients.  Our experience is unsurpassed in the market today.  We make the training easy to understand, give you one to one attention, and all of our documents are simple to use, including the credit repair software.  The complete system is all the training you need, but should you require additional support, we have an ongoing support package you can have on a monthly basis.   Ms. James writes all her own training materials and is on the cutting edge of the credit repair and consulting industry.  No need to outsource your paperwork as you can easily enter your new clients and complete documents with a few simple steps. 


Operational Business Support

We know your time and money are valuable, that's why we've taken steps to ensure your investment has all the potential it deserves with a proven and time tested operational system. Having Simple Solution's operations and support behind you means that you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will benefit from 28 years of experience delivering operational standards and procedures that have been proven successful.

Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training, Inc. has experienced and dedicated trained staff to provide on-going support in each area of your business, including marketing, operations, credit education and consulting, and business structures.

Further supporting the benefit of your training, is the level of professionalism that consistently goes into the planning and introduction of Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training, Inc. products. The staff of Simple Solutions monitors the credit consulting industry to ensure Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training, Inc. trained and supported consultants are ahead of the technology curve, recognizing the products and services that need to be employed and when. The marketing, technology and business policies parallel the implementation of new products and services to ensure all consultants have the tools they need to consistently market their business and products. Every staff member at Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training, Inc. is dedicated to the success of all its trained and supported consultants.  We want you to be properly and legally trained as a Certified Credit Consultant™.  To do this you must follow all state and federal laws so you can help your clients to improve their credit and financial situation.  You are also trained to help your clients to budget their money, save and make better financial decisions.  Simply put - NO other company trains extensively on how to Become a Certified Credit Consultant™ like we do. 



Another of the many benefits of being trained by Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training, Inc. is the level of professionalism in the marketing and advertising campaigns produced.  As a Certified Credit Consultant™, we will teach you about advertising your business, where to purchase the advertising materials at a very low cost, and provide a high-level branded marketing campaign to promote your business.



Each trained consultant will receive  a marketing manual, which is the guideline to successful marketing of Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training Program, Inc's products. It includes tremendous information so you can build your own marketing plan and scripts, guidelines and tools for branding, advertising, marketing, public relations, promotions, and specialty programs developed just for Simple Solutions. We have marketing secrets that we will teach you that no other company can.

Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training, Inc. is continually developing a variety of marketing programs that will enable you to work with local schools, businesses and other organizations. These programs help you build relationships that will bring in business for your location, while helping those businesses and organizations as well. Marketing strategies such as developing brand awareness are introduced and explained completely during training.


Credit Repair Software

Our extensively designed software program created by Valeri A. James and Simple Solutions since 2002, completely automates administrative operations such as document preparation, managing clients, library of documents/templates that are necessary for your clients educational needs.  It streamlines your paperwork to save you time and money.  This user friendly software includes a Client Portal and referring Agent Portals so that they can log in and see how the progress is coming along.

A supported Certified Credit Consultant™ can easily enter their new clients and complete documents required into the credit repair software SimpleDocc™ with just a few simple steps.  The revolutionary credit repair software SimpleDocc™ is a licensed and proprietary software program designed and developed by Simple Solutions' trained Credit Repair Specialists and Valeri A. James to be licensed to any supported Credit Consultant for their use on a monthly subscription basis. 


Ongoing Support

To assist you after your training and to catapult your business success, we offer 3 monthly support packages ranging from $125 to $295 per month.  These support packages (Turquoise, Amethyst and Diamond) may include the following:

One-to-one continued Support with Simple Solutions Senior Staff 

Use of our newly designed software SimpleDocc™ 4.0

Website with great content

Hosting of your website and domain

Client and Agent Portals

Graphs and Charts of Client Results

Email capability with Auto Responders

Automatic Reminder System 

Client Management System

Continued Assistance in Marketing and Building your Business 

Access to library full of new Templates, Forms and Documents

Updates, changes & additions to new State and Federal Laws 

Jam-packed Monthly Newsletter to boost your success 

Obtain millions of leads 

and much more! 


 We would love to have you attend our upcoming training class.  Click on the Contact Us tab for more information or the Registration Form today to reserve your seat!


 Testimonials from Certified Credit Consultants™ 

 "I just want to thank you and Sherry so much for all you have done for us.  Christina and I are grateful that we found you on the internet.  Valeri, from the moment I talked to you on the phone, I knew that you are genuine, true and honest.  You have helped us so much, not only through the training process but you have continued to help us every time I call or email, you are always there with an answer.  Thank you!  

Thank you for the awesome experience, it was definitely worth the money!  Feel free to share this on your website and if anyone has any questions, feel free to call us anytime".  -- Danny Ramirez, Conquest Credit  #800-288-4833   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , www.facebook.com/conquestcreditconsulting  www.ConquestCredit.org  

 "I want to thank you for your Credit Restoration Training/Business Opportunity.  I have been in the mortgage industry for 10 years, and I learned more about credit reports and how to analyze them in 3 days at your course then I learned in 10 years working for a bank.  It was one of the best investments I have ever made".  Thanks again!"  -- Erik Kaplan, THD Credit Consulting www.THDCreditConsulting.com 


"I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me.  And for the guidance Sherry your trainer, have given me.  I am so excited to move forward with the non-profit status for my business.  I found a great lawyer to help me make sure that I do my business the right.  I hope you have a great evening and I would anytime and always highly recommend your company and the services you provide.  I love all of you and the whole Simple Solutions staff/family and wish the best for all of you"!  -- Faiqa Siddiqui, Brighter Future Credit Consulting  www.BrighterFutureCreditConsulting.com   


"Attending the Simple Solutions training was a great investment in myself and my business.  The information provided exceeded the requirement for anyone to become a successful Certified Credit Consultant.  I would recommend Simple Solutions whose passion is to make a positive impact in the lives of others by helping them to achieve financial freedom.  Sherry, my trainer, was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and answered all my questions.  Thank you to the Simple Solutions Team." -- Cherylann Providence, New Beginning Credit Consulting


"I was glad  that I came to your training.  It changed my life and also my future.  You made it simple and easy to understand and you are always there if I had a question.  It is a huge help for my community and I am able to help them with their credit, debt and finances.  Simple Solutions is the best Credit Consultant Training and is so worth the money that I paid for it.  I would recommend it for anyone to attend your training if they want to help people with their credit and debt problems."  -  Chee Yang, Trust Credit Services, MN

"I have the utmost respect and admiration for Valeri James of Simple Solutions Credit Consultant Training.  I have known Valeri for 22 years and during that time she has become my most valued mentor.  She has worked diligently to educate herself on the business of credit, arming herself with an abundance of knowledge about the credit laws that govern all consumers, as well as how to handle creditors, credit bureaus, and collection agency harassment.  I praise the Certified Credit Consultant Training Program that she provides to those who want to own their own business. Through her training, I have gained great insight and a financial freedom I never would have known if it had not been for her dedication and overwhelming desire to help others.  Above all, I can attest to Valeri's character, honesty, and integrity.  She displays an immense empathy for her consultants and clients, and is passionate about making a difference in other's lives.  She has my earned trust through the wisdom she has gained through her own diverse and varied business and life experiences.  

I am proud and fortunate to know Valeri because she has enriched so many lives. On my first day of training, Valeri and I went to breakfast, and the waitress told me how much she adored Valeri because of her successful efforts in improving her credit and in changing her life for the better. Personally, I think that Valeri goes above and beyond the call of duty.” What a wonderful world it would be if we had more selfless people like Valeri James! -- Anita Breutzmann, Informative Credit Consulting, Inc.


"Thank you for the training I loved it.  Negotiated my first credit card for my client (debt settlement)... one account was $29,000, settled it for $7,100.  Second credit card was $8,800, settled this one for $2,200.  This was about $38,000 worth of credit card debt my client had and I settled them both for $9,300.  He was really happy!!  - Janis Martin, Credit Consultant 


"Awe, your email just warmed my heart.  I knew when we first spoke you were special.  I am so excited to start my own business and be successful.  I never liked working for others.  I'm working hard and I am not making what I am worth, thank you for the opportunity to become a credit consultant.  I'm so excited I can't sleep.  Can't wait to meet you either!"  -- Lorraine Dagley, future Credit Consultant

"Expanding my mortgage business and becoming a Certified Credit Consultant™ to better serve my clients was the best decision I could have made.  Valeri's training program was very thorough and I learned more about this business then ever imaginable.  Timing couldn't be better for clients to restore their credit today and take advantage of the low interest rates that are available now and in the coming months when conforming loan amounts increase.  My clients are saving hundreds of dollars each month with the lower interest rates that are now available to them due to their increased credit scores.  I highly recommend Simple Solutions Certified Credit Consultant™ Training Program!"  -- Heather Moch, Camarillo, CA 

"WOW! What can I say, the three day training class you and your team conducted in November 2007 was awesome.   I highly recommend this training program to anyone wanting to become a Certified Credit Consultant™. Thanks Valeri and keep up the good work!" -- Loran Johnson, Carolina Credit Solutions

"When I heard about the Certified Credit Consultant™ training through Simple Solutions, I knew it was the career opportunity that I had been searching for.  I love this work because it offers me everything that I want. I enjoy helping people achieve their goals and enriching their lives by improving their credit. This also allows me the flexibility to be with my family and enjoy my life to the fullest."  
-Jaime Hershman, Aurora Consulting, Credit Solutions  www.RisingCreditScores.com 

"I was directed to Valeri by a mortgage company because of derogatory information on my credit reports. After hearing about what Valeri does, I realized that this would work for me. After going through the restoration process and having 100% derogatory items corrected/removed, I decided that I wanted to become a Certified Credit Consultant™ to help other people in the same way."  

-Richard Sweeten, Aurora Consulting, Credit Solutions

"Making the decision to become a Certified Credit Consultant™ has changed my life in such a positive way. I am able to run a successful business with flexibility that works with my family obligations while earning an income that exceeds working a typical 40-hour a week job. Valeri James is an exceptional trainer, cares a great deal about the Credit Consultants she has trained and works hard to assist them in succeeding in their business."  -- Kara Schumann, New Freedom Credit Consulting Co.  


"I believe everything happens for a reason.  Becoming a Certified Credit Consultant™ is definitely one of the best things that have ever happened in my life.  Here is the short version of my story.  In the summer of 06 my boyfriend and I were in dire need of getting our credit repaired.  After a few weeks of searching the internet I was getting frustrated because no one was in person, everything was online.  I finally went to the yellow pages and found Simple Solutions.  I called and spoke to Val and looked on her website.  I was impressed.  We met with Val and got the process started.  During the process I probably drove her crazy with my phone calls of questions.  Finally Valeri told me to take her class to become a Certified Credit Consultant™." 

"Timing was perfect.  I had been sick for many months and unable to work as a nurse due to my condition.  This job was perfect.  I was still able to help people but with the flexibility I had to have.  Needless to say it has been 8 months and I now have an office because working out of my home was getting to crazy.  Financially, I no longer live paycheck to paycheck and also don't work 40 hour weeks.  I make my own schedule and love what I do.  I feel like this opportunity fell in my lap and I was fortunate enough grab hold."  
 -Jamel Baca, Certified Credit Consultant™

"Being a credit consultant has been a great blessing to me and my family, allowing me to set my own hours and to have the freedom to spend with my family.  Helping others has always been a goal of mine to achieve. It is with great pride knowing that you get to help each client with their credit and ease their minds about how credit works. It also gives your clients the knowledge to know that they too can gain freedom from their own credit nightmares. This alone brings satisfaction knowing you gave them their confidence to move ahead and gain control of their own credit issues.  Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to help others."  
-- Mary Lou Benevidez, Ray of Hope Credit Consulting

"Thank you for sharing an opportunity to help other people with their credit and for opening up a way to help myself in my own goals".
--Teresa Meeks, Certified Credit Consultant™, The Credit Professionals, Inc.

"Thank you". "I have been happy owning my own business and I can see where it will take me into my future".
--Daniel Benoit, Certified Credit Consultant™

"Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity with a positive thinking company".
--Cheryl Yesulis, Certified Credit Consultant™, Bump It Up Credit Solutions

"I'm actually very, very busy. All of a sudden my phone won't leave me alone and I'm making appointments like crazy". "I appreciate the response and the extra time you've given me to build my base (business)". "I appreciate your help with everything".
--Heather Smith, Credit Consultant

"I am very excited to be able to own my own business. I am getting a lot of clients from some Mortgage companies in the Phoenix area. Thank you for all your help and support Valeri. You are so easy to talk to, we can talk for hours".
--Ray Taylor, Credit Consultant  









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